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Grayson Jeffords – Rising Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School Senior

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    Grayson Jeffords will soon take the role of student body president as she enters into her senior year at Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School (TBCS). Her responsibilities of being a positive influence on those around her, not only in school but also off campus, appears naturally as she discusses her future plans to improve the community through acts of service. 

Tell us about your extracurricular activities at TBCS.

“I run varsity cross-country and play varsity girls soccer. I am student body president this year which I am really excited about! I also started a community service club this past year. I got a group of students to come out in the community with me to help others. This past year, our main focus was on Help4Kids where we packed food bags for local students. I think community service is important. I am very fortunate to attend Trinity-Byrnes and blessed to have this opportunity, so it is important that I give back as much as I can to others.”

What do you do outside of school to help make a difference?

“I just got back from South Africa where I was on a mission trip there with my church, Highland Park United Methodist. There’s a local church there and we did vacation bible school in the morning with kids and service work in the afternoon. Interacting with locals helped me to see how truly fortunate I am to not only live in the U.S., but to have all the opportunities that I have.”

What plans do you have as the Student Body President for the upcoming year?

“I really want to make sure the school is even more inclusive. It already is because we are like a little family, but I really think I want to try and include every little group. I want everyone to feel comfortable in coming to me with ideas. I wrote hand-written welcome cards to the 80 new students this year welcoming them to Trinity-Byrnes. Looking back, when I entered the school I remember being terrified. I hope this way 7th graders can feel more connected to the school and comfortable in their new surroundings.

    I also want to try and get the school more involved in community service as a whole. I thought it would be neat if the whole school could do a service day. Currently our middle schoolers do that. I think it would be a good opportunity for everyone to get involved in giving back to our community.”

What makes the Trinity-Byrnes experience different than most other schools?

“I’ve attended TBCS since the 7th grade. I can come and talk to my teachers about anything and not just about school. It is really cool to have that relationship. I have grown up with most of the students. It is hard to explain, but we feel really close to one another. Something else that is great is the food! We have food catered in everyday from different restaurants and recently added a Micro-Market which works on a honors system.”

What are your future plans after high school?

“I have been visiting in-state and out-of-state colleges and have seen some really good options. I am looking to stay with a smaller school because I want to carry on what I have at TBCS. I want to continue to feel a sense of community wherever I am and have a personal relationship with teachers who can help me one-on-one. We’ll see what happens!”

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