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Traveler’s Pointe – Promoting Conservation Through Design

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    Landon White was born and raised in Hartsville, SC. He grew up connecting with the outdoors, participating in any activity from hunting and fishing to camping, hiking, and surfing. Landon attended The Citadel where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. His passion for the outdoors and experiences at The Citadel motivated him to create a unique brand, Traveler’s Pointe, which is dedicated to creating designs that promote conservation and artistically portray the life and mind of a traveler.

    While attending the Citadel, a study abroad trip to Ecuador presented Landon with a new outlook on life and inspired him to make a difference. He shares, “I rode horses on mountains, swam in the Amazon River, and found a beach with wild monkeys playing in the trees. That is when I fell in love with traveling because it allowed me to explore new places, experience other cultures, and meet new people. I decided that it was not only important to travel the world, but to leave these places better than I found them.” At that point, Landon was inspired to create a clothing brand that promoted conservation and influenced others to experience the outdoors and explore their own passions. Landon created Traveler’s Pointe, a brand with products such as hats, t-shirts, flannels, stickers, and other merchandise with unique designs that reflect the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation.

    The brand motto is “Find Your Wild Side,” which simply encourages people to find what they love about the outdoors and to find ways to protect the wilderness around them for others who enjoy the same passion. For instance, for those who love to hike, it is encouraged they keep trails clean using the “leave no trace” policy and pick up trash and debris that can affect other’s experiences in the wild. The designs are meant to serve as a reminder on travels to not only embrace and experience adventure, but to also give back during a journey. “My father and grandfather were big influences on the importance of conservation, respecting wildlife, and preserving it for future generations. My mother and grandmother taught me the importance of community and helping others in need,” explains Landon. “Together we can all make the outdoors greater for everyone through simple changes in our daily lives, and we hope to express our passions and the wilderness in a positive way through our clothing designs.” As a grass-root company, they plan on creating educational community events where people can meet new friends with similar passions and participate in wilderness cleanups and other activities.

    Traveler’s Pointe believes that community support should come first. Currently, products are sold in locally owned stores and online. Naturally Outdoors in Florence, a local wilderness outfitter, carries the products and has similar beliefs in conservation and community. Seersucker Gypsy in Hartsville, an artistically crafted boutique owned by Roxie Gardner, carries the brand. You can also find Traveler’s Pointe products at Young Plantations Pecan Outlet in Florence. The brand is seeking other local vendors who may be interested in carrying their products in their stores.

    Traveler’s Pointe will continue to educate others about the wilderness through artwork, social media, volunteer work, donating to conservation efforts, and community service. As the company grows they plan to expand in all those areas, but they also plan on making larger conservation efforts across the state and country. “Conservation and traveling is the root of our cause, so through community support we can create more designs that promote conservation and also help our wilderness areas grow as well,” explains Landon.

For more information, visit or find Traveler’s Pointe on Facebook and Instagram, @travelerspointe.

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