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VIGOR – The Startup of a Healthy Storage Bag Alternative

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    Dinesh and Anusha Chebrolu have always been passionate about starting something on their own. They have always looked for problems that surround them, then spent quality time together discussing solutions. As huge fans of the ABC show Shark Tank, they were able to gain knowledge about retailers and markets across the nation and to learn how to create a product without having much money to do so. They have been inspired to create a product of their own unlike any other with the production of what is known as Vigor Storage Bags.

    Dinesh came to the United States to pursue his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Gannon University. He has since worked as an Integration Specialist at Kforce Staffing Solutions located in Tampa, FL, a Sr. Database Developer at Blackbaud in Charleston, SC, and most recently as a Sr. Client Data Analyst at ADP in Florence. His job involves handling critical data-related issues on a day-to-day basis. Anusha completed her MBA in 2012 in India at JNT University. She works at JPMC Delaware as a Sr. Security Tester and enjoys finding security issues in network systems. Dinesh and Anusha moved to Florence after getting married in 2013.

    After researching how present normal plastic bags are harmful when storing leftover food due to direct contact with plastic, chemicals, and toxins, Dinesh and Anusha decided to create a solution to the problem. They invented Vigor Storage Bags which are made with plastic (PET) and non-woven fabric which enables bag reuse and prevents food items from coming in contact with plastic materials. Vigor is a healthy alternative to food storage that keeps food fresh longer. Vigor bags can be used to safely carry both hot and cold food items, are reusable, and are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. The material used can absorb any oil or any moisture on food. The bags come in triangular and rectangular shapes.

    Vigor is currently in the patent pending stages with hopes to be approved by next year with full ownership rights. They are currently working with retail distributors across the nation and trying to offer licensing partnership to the current key players in the market such as Ziploc, Hefty and Glad. Dinesh and Anusha also have a golden sample ready and plan to have it on display at The Startup Expo’s (SUP-X) happening in Florida in coming months.

    Dinesh and Anusha are currently the only key people who work for Vigor and they do so after their regular job hours in the evenings. Anusha’s role with Vigor is as a Product Specialist. She works with manufacturers on a daily basis and tries to improve quality and negotiations. An Ohio based company has partnered with Vigor to take care of all their marketing materials. They are helping to generate sales for Vigor bags.

    In order to continue to improve and grow, Dinesh and Anusha continuously try to attend webinars about startup companies, retail sales, and launching new products. They hope to learn as much as they can about the market in order to take Vigor bags to the next level.

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